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Curved Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow - DogsandHome
Curved Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow - DogsandHome
Curved Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow - DogsandHome
Curved Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow - DogsandHome

Curved Memory Foam U-shaped Pillow

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The Perfect Pillow for Every Couple!

Why Every Couple Needs This? 

We understand how hard it is to have your loved ones to nestle close at night. The pressure in your arms, awkward sleeping positions and the stuffiness are the most common factors that ends your cuddling session. We designed this pillow to tackle all these common problems that is stopping you from an all night long cuddle session. After countless experiments, researches and designs, the Snuggle Pillow was born. Functional and Comfortable


The Snuggle Pillow prevents the ensuing numbness thanks to its special curved design that lessens the pressure on your arms. The ABS plastic steel frames inside supports the weight of your partner's head, taking all the weight away from your arms,allowing you to sleep with comfort throughout the night. DON'T LET YOUR CUDDLE SESSION END FROM NUMB ARMS!



Our patented arched design was designed accordingly to the curvature of the neck. The arched contour of the Snuggle Pillow helps to maintain the natural curvature of the cervical spine and neck contour. This helps to reduce bad sleeping postures and eliminates spinal and neck pain in the morning


The Snuggle Pillow is made with premium high-density bamboo charcoal memory foam with 3 to 5 seconds rebound for cervical protection and a night of stress-free sleep. This high-quality 100% Polyurethane material is skin-friendly, breathable, and moisture-absorbing. Try it! and feel the difference. 


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